Tanya Kosseva-Boshova interview for Bloomberg TV

Tanya Kosseva-Boshova interview for Bloomberg TV

10% of the largest companies in Bulgaria are managed by women. Compared to Europe this share is 5%. This was stated by Tanya Koseva-Boshova, president of Lady’s Forum, in the TV show “Investor Club” with presenter Ivaylo Lakov. She presented results of a recent survey conducted by the 300 largest revenue-generating companies in Bulgaria and made the comparison with a similar survey at European level.

“The share of the ladies, part of the management of the companies in our country, is about 16.8%, while in Western Europe, it is 38%,” said Koseva-Boshova.

“The ladies are not yet well represented in the management in our country, but as individuals they are seen in a different way.”

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